Can I send and receive FAX over IP (FOIP)?

Truth Asked: Can I send and receive FAX over IP (FOIP)?

I already own a VOIP system in my place (VOIP directly connected to my IP phone, I don’t use any ATA or VOIP Gateway)
I just want to know if there is any way to send FAX to a traditional fax machine?
by the way, on my VOIP service provider there is nothing mentioned about Faxing


BlkHeartWolf Answered:
your isp can set it up
Brad Cashman Answered:
There are very few voip service providers who offer voip or foip fax service also. Actually, fax via this technology was not very successful. This is why good providers could not continue with this offer. I would not advise you to get Voip fax or foip as you will face many problems with it.
dean001 Answered:
Try MSN right, still can not contact with phone

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